Gravity Forms to Post

While not an overly attractive title, the form to post option for WordPress opens up virtually any authoring pattern you could ever want and it does it without requiring programming skills. If you know a bit of HTML, you can step up the visual complexity of what you make but it’s not a requirement.

Anything you have in the form can become part of a post through the use of content templates or writing directly in the post fields that Gravity Forms provides. You have the option to have the posts go live immediately or set them to be moderated. You can require people to be logged in to submit or allow anyone to submit.

The example linked above takes the form entry and creates a post, sets the featured image, and then puts the post on an interactive timeline.


  • Text Sets
    An double-patterned submission of book studies units and data around the books that make up those units. An ugly site but the data patterns are interesting.
  • Molecular Biology Articles
    Student biology article summaries and critiques on one another's work.
  • Urban Bike Safety Survey
    Students analyzing their environment and submitting evidence from the field for bike safety.
  • Earth Systems
    An evolving site for environmental studies students to post environmental exploration articles.
  • Evolve
    A student-created biology news site that focuses on a set pattern of media and text for the articles.
  • Greenwashing
    Examples of greenwashing identified and explained by students in a sociology course at VCU.
  • Gestalt Theory in the Wild
    Student use their phones to capture examples of gestalt theory they find outside the classroom. There's some light analysis and the creation of a larger sortable database.