ACF to Post

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) differs from Gravity Forms in that it’s main role is customizing the back-end editor process. Gravity Forms is entirely focused on front-end form creation and doesn’t restructure the backend. This difference matters if you’re looking for longer term guided editing or want to have a variety of structured patterns for entering or changing this data.

The negatives of using ACF for front-end entries is that you have to either pay for Advanced Forms or you have to do a bit of PHP programming. It’s further complicated by the need to show the custom fields you’ve created on the front-end of the site. There are plugins that help you do this or you can build out your own theme.

Like Gravity Forms, you can do just about anything you can imagine but the barrier to entry here is higher.


  • Patterns of Place
    A research project examining man-made and naturally created patterns and motifs in Virginia. The neat technical part is using a repeater field to let one submission create as many posts as there are items entered.