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    We create just 2 images, and get its embedded code.

  • WordPress

    I cannot say it was so great. actually, I had to do it and I got through. I mean to try again with more time. The real issue was my goals were not so clear to me in the first place, and I was trying to explore the tool in order to decide how to deliver my content.

  • Adobe Spark

    Really easy to create and share digital contents. I know it at the Adobe MAX.


    the flexibility of the tool for multiple applications
    it was intuitive and easy to use
    the mediator/ teacher did a great job of showing how it worked

  • Pressbooks

    The people who wrote it and the way we were able to pull together something useful and interesting. We all had expertise with the tool, which made it easy. We wrote a collaborative guide on publishing OER through the library.

  • TRU Writer (a SPLOT)

    It made submission so easy – it was just like the WordPress backend (classic) which was just like Word, Google Docs, the TinyMCE editor in the LMS. Everybody knew how to do it and there was no account issue or login issue. No navigation to a confusing dashboard.

  • WordPress / SPLOTPoint

    Being able to prep some presentation materials for an interactive MozFest session that I was delivering to a multi-lingual audience, of varying abilities, with a co-presenter I’d never met before. It worked because it was easy to share in advance with the co-presenter and because I could use it as an interactive workbook in the session as well as my presentation materials. This was important because anyone who couldn’t understand my funny accent could follow along on screen, and it was easy to use the links for the activities they were doing.

  • WordPress

    I was creating the space for a project called the Open Faculty Patchbook, which is a “community quilt of Pedagogy” and found a wp theme that was just right visually for the project and really ties it all together.

  • araaewr